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Flex your muscle as a consumer to create one million new jobs. It's as easy as one, two, three. 1. Watch the video. 2. Take the pledge. 3. Share this project with at least two friends.

It's a mathematical fact. If we all buy just 5% more US made products we will create a MILLION new jobs. AND if each person that sees this video shares it with at least two friends it will only take a month for every person in America to see this. Crazy, but true. Seems like if we all knew the solution to unemployment was so simple we'd fix it. So let's spread the news.

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Special thanks to American Made Matters for this great list.

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I, , pledge* to buy 5% more US-made product and share this video with two people.

* Agreeing to this pledge is in no way a legal obligation. Think of it more like a hardcore pinky promise to buy 5% more US-made product.


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